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Brazos River Bottom (Gay Night Club)

Address: 2400 Brazos St , Midtown Houston, TX , 77006 USA
Phone: 713-528-9192
Website: www.brbhouston.com
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Houston's Gay Country Western Bar. Here you can boot scoot. The Brazos River Bottom is located in the up and coming Midtown area of houston. ph: 713-528-9192

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Review posted by copecowboy40: 2010-02-09

Went to BRB last year and was not impressed! Needs a more Cowboy Feel to the place. Need a place where a Gay Cowboy can feel at ease. Did meet one Redneck (John Deere Hat) that cought my eye. Hope to be back this year.

Review posted by justntexas: 2008-07-27

Ok I been going here 10 years. And its time for a change. The location is not very gay friendly anymore, just a bunch a str8 yuppies and taking up all the parking. I can see why they charge a $2 cover these days, since no one goes there anymore. I remember when either Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays or Saturdays where packed from either the dance lessons or just being the weekend. The music is really bad, I like to hear at least some Texas music in a country bar!

Review posted by monolith: 2008-07-06

Needs some update tech. Like music videos Not every other song - a line dance

Review posted by coastalbendcwby: 2008-07-01

The best bartender in town works here. Very friendly place.

Review posted by provette: 2008-01-06

The BRB hs been around as a gathering dance place for at least 20 year that I know of. Generally the crowd is western dressed tho lately its jeans and tee's without hats. YOU WILL have a dynamite good time there GUARANTEED and the DJ is saavy with his music programming. I wholeheartedly recommend you try it. They even have dance lessons in a non thretening environment you should investigate. PAUL - Houston

Review posted by cowboyroper1: 2008-01-04

It's not bad, could use some work.

Review posted by sleekwrangler: 2008-01-01

I have been many times, great place, great atmosphere

Review posted by jakeman214: 2007-12-19

great country bar

Review posted by hibiker: 2007-12-04

great place, great people, great atmosphere! The place to be if you want to hang out with other guys - and girls!

Review posted by lilmesican: 2007-12-02

The music is loud and the beat sweeps you away. The drinks are strong and the beer ice cold. With tight Wranglers and friendly smiles don't worry if you come alone. Pop-a-squat at the bar and see what catches your attention. Leave the attitude at home folks are mighty friendly. Come-on Cowboy you can handle it, right?

Review posted by taterlight: 2007-11-24

I did not respond to a bartenders come-ons and then was thrown out for reasons unknown....I was on a date!

Review posted by pfuscher: 2007-10-22

Nice place to learn how to dance.

Review posted by rodeoclown62: 2007-09-26

This is what Texas night clubs use to be and should be all about! Staff and especially David and Tommy, are great and friendly!!!! You can always find a good time at the BRB!!

Review posted by gacowboyd: 2007-09-20

One of the Best C/W bars around

Review posted by magnoliatxbud: 2007-08-28

Nice place to go boot-skootin, people are cordial, but could be a little more friendly.

Review posted by rexamillion2003: 2007-07-27

The BRB is a great place to go. Especially since in the 4th largest city in the US with an estimated 5.5 million people in the greater Houston area the BRB is the only gay country dance hall we've got (or that I know about).

Review posted by brsetme: 2007-07-24

Great bar!!! Very laid back, great place. With any bar, there is always room for improvement. Dance floor could be bigger but it is great. Nice bartenders, awesome dancers, fun place to hang out and let loose. Music could be a little more up to date. Dance lessons on Thursdays with Southern Country Houston hosting. Other night is Friday on certain nights only. Saturday is the night to be out. Bar is seeing more and more people of all kinds. Makes for a very fun atmosphere.

Review posted by saddleupguy: 2007-07-23

Great place to hang out and dance.

Review posted by blm1411: 2007-07-19

i love going to this place. Guys are usually nicer and more of a relaxed setting unlike the bars in montrose. Most guys here are not pretending something there not.

Review posted by agcowboy: 2007-07-16

Best place to go 2-stepping in Houston. Only really crowded on Saturday nights. Dance Lessons on Thursdays.. wish the dance floor was bigger.

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