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Charlie's (Gay Night Club)

Address: 900 E Colfax Ave , Denver, CO , 80218 USA
Website: www.charliesdenver.com
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Charlie's is a gay country western bar in the heart of the New West, and it doesn't shy away from the city's cowboy (and girl) origins. Wood-paneled dance floors and decor provide ample room for sizing up a city slicker's boots (and how he or she can sha

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Review posted by thisnthat: 2009-11-14

I first went to Charlie’s about 7 years ago when I first moved to Colorado. Was a nice place, but the building is a dump. They do a lot of good things for the community and CGRA, but itís not a great place to be. The last time I went, there were hardly any cowboy/country types there. Mainly turned into a lesbian bar since C’s closed. If there was another country bar to go to, I would.

Review posted by rodeoclown62: 2008-12-22

I travel the US and Canada, for horse shows and rodeos. In addition, I had heard some rumors from Charlie's Phx., that John King had fired the entire staff in Denver and another rumor from a bartender in Vegas, that Charlie's Denver, was pretty much a straight crowd now. Well, let me tell you both rumors were WRONG!! John H., still manages Charlie's Denver and has one of the greatest and friendly staff for any Bar or Club in either the US or Canada! They make a person feel at home and mostly welcome!! THIS IS A CLUB NOT TO MISS!!!!!!

Review posted by blkaviator: 2008-09-01

Charlie's used to be my favorite place 10-15 years ago. The place has changed and I definitely like the 2 dance floors (country & rock/disco). They always have great looking bartenders and waiters to assist you.

Review posted by jim1234: 2008-06-30

Great place to meet people!!

Review posted by rockymyles9: 2008-05-18

fun place......to cruise and meet

Review posted by kiplorenzo: 2008-03-14

Great Cowboy bar! Needs something to draw in the clientel.

Review posted by twb: 2008-03-05

Not the same Charlies I once knew. Very boring place to spend an evening. Nice dance floor that is not used very often. Other bars I would rather spend time in.

Review posted by teebonetn: 2007-10-27

Charlie's was a good place when I first moved to Denver 6 years ago, but its been downhill ever since. They finally put a new dance floor down and built some seating here and there. Half the place is an dance music bar and the country part is pretty overrun by lesbians and bois in sneakers and shorts. Not one of my favorite places, but not anywhere else to go if you like to dance. That's the only reason its still in business. Oh, and the bathrooms are usually dirty...

Review posted by jeepdogdad: 2007-10-18

Charlie's Denver has steadily gone down in past 10 years. Management makes no capital improvements, including using trash bags for weeks at time when ceiling links. Restroom on-par with classic rest area types, dirty, broken faucets. Music never comtemporary, almost given that anytine you'll go you'll hear songs from 10 years ago. For weeks now the dance floor torn out, and only concrete replaces it. Don't anticipate more than a handful cowboy, or dime-store type, this more of a Gen X, bring your favorite girl place, intermixed with Colfax avenue types.

Review posted by clark80239: 2007-10-13

Bad OLD music and the place needs completely renovated. Should try to give back to the customers. The builing is a dump and unattractive.

Review posted by alonelyranger: 2007-10-13

Not well maintained. Rumored to be closing.

Review posted by goodbaby2: 2007-10-09

i go to charlies all the time--i just moved here from Texas and they are very friendly men and lesbians and the drinks are always the best price in town.. Larry

Review posted by goodbaby2: 2007-10-03

alot of fun and the people are friendly and drink prices are great

Review posted by theatrestud1984: 2007-09-08

I love the people they are currently in the middle of a remodel of the roof, floors, and whatnot but still great people and lots of fun...don't forget the first friday of every month is the Mr. Charlie's Contest for charity work...Swing by and participate and message if you have a question.

Review posted by adamden: 2007-08-23

too much of a drag queen bar.

Review posted by crowncokeguy: 2007-08-22

No works harder in the community to make things happen than Charlie's.

Review posted by natchguy37: 2007-08-22

Charlie's is a great place to go for a drink and be amoung friends. No strangers in the bar.

Review posted by mochaman10: 2007-08-01

It is fun but not the way it used to be. Where at one time is was mostly a Country/Wester bar now it is catering to the younger crowds. Still hot on Thursday nights for the famouse Cowboy 1/2 price nights though.

Review posted by pair4friends: 2007-07-17

Not as clean as it was in the past. Seems to have slipped a little over the years.

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