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Charlie's (Gay Night Club)

Address: 3726 N Broadway St , Chicago, IL , 60613 USA
Phone: 773.871.8887
Website: www.charlieschicago.com
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Country Gay Bar

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Review posted by chazzzz: 2008-08-03

I am a great fan of Charlies...I appreciate the fact that there is an atmosphere in which a country boy at heart can go and have a great time in the big ole' city... The dancing is great, the people are a hoot and its ok to be yourself all night long.

Comment posted by bootglove: 2008-04-30
Charlie's in my opinion is not a C & W bar, they have more club music & dancing & only a few hours on Fridays & Saturdays that is true C & W music & 2-steppin & Line dancing available.

Review posted by furmanluvr: 2008-04-13

I think Charlies in Chicago is one of the best bars we have to offer. It's full of real men, both country and dance music, very friendly and welcoming atmosphere with next to no pretense from patrons or employees.

Review posted by mise777: 2008-04-07

Just NOT into "Country."

Review posted by cherry69: 2008-02-19

Very Nice place, good music over crowded, otherwise I had a good time.

Review posted by lifeisgd: 2008-02-18

This bar goes from country-western to all out dance music after hours (about 2am). Kind of funny to watch the almost immediate change over. Never been much for the latter. But the after hours dance music and crowd are pretty good.

Review posted by latino0519: 2008-02-09

the dance music sucks bad

Review posted by bootglove: 2008-01-19

They need to get rid of the retro music on Friday & Saturday nights after 1:30am, the Country Music is gone & replaced by this music spun by Lulu!!! Charlie's is supposed to be a Country bar!!!!!!!!

Review posted by mtjack1il: 2008-01-06

Friendly crowd, great music, open late

Review posted by squarebear: 2008-01-06

Miss Charlene's School of Western Dance and Decoupage has definitely upgraded over the years. There is an expansive dance floor, a friendly staff and a modern build-out that attracts all ranges of people. It's criticisms are that although they've accumulated a decent collection of western music, they lack more obscure (and not so obscure) selections of traditional country music in favor of top-of-the-chart hits. This lack of focus is only worsened by the ultimate betrayal of the bar, nightly, doing a 180 degree turn and instantly becoming an after-hours circuit-party boy bar complete with smoke machines, obnoxious thumping music, and cigarette prop holding fems in search of their last reckless high for the morning.

Review posted by 501snbriefs: 2007-12-22

Not good.

Review posted by 2stepping: 2007-12-20

Charlie's is a Great place to hang out with friends and meet new people.

Review posted by moonmetro: 2007-12-14

Great bar but I am looking forward to this Illinois smoking ban on January 1 2008.

Review posted by sexycowboy127: 2007-11-20

Charlie's is great place if you looking for a little country in the big city. The people couldn't be nicer as well. Everyone dances with everyone and the bartenders are just as sweet as the customers. They hold free line dancing and two stepping lessons every Monday. So if your new to all of that, don't be afraid to put on some boots and learn. If you haven't been to Charlie's, you are missing out. You will never forget your experience there. So go check it out!

Review posted by burbcwby: 2007-11-08

Charlies is not like any other country bar I am used to. It is sad that they feel they have to convert to a dance club at midnight to make money.

Review posted by chimanlover: 2007-10-15

they do more line dancing their then i care for , i like the jukebox playing country music, pool table beer drinkin type of place for country boys to play in not just all about line dancing ! just my opinion!

Review posted by chicagosly: 2007-09-08

Fun place, hot guys........what's not to love?

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