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Charlie's (Gay Night Club)

Address: 727 W Camelback Rd , Phoenix, AZ , 85013 USA
Phone: 602.265.0224
Website: www.charliesphoenix.com
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nice crowd, lotsa dancing lessons, best place in PHX to show off that bulge in yer 13MWZ, cowboy

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Comment posted by seazcatcher: 2010-12-29
To much nelly guys not a cowboy in sight

Review posted by arizonaman: 2008-10-08

Great crowd.

Review posted by busterbear28: 2008-08-08

Too many twinks...

Review posted by imahry1: 2008-07-07

Charlie's has a great mix of men. The music for most part is c/w and great dance floor. They offer different type of venue during the week, but you know it is a business. They need to make money just like the rest of us. Each night something different. Charlie's Phoenix is my primary entertainment location!

Review posted by azcowboy4u: 2008-05-23

its a great place to listen to country music

Review posted by mark67: 2008-04-20

Great place to be seen or cruise. Bad Drinks and service.

Review posted by rudythegreat: 2008-04-02

There are no "real" cowboyz there cuz I was there on a Thursday night. I was a wear'n my olathe boots, trophy buckle, and wranglers...more of a hip hop crowd at a country/western bar.

Review posted by zergcees: 2007-11-24

nice, but too many twinks in flip flops standing on the dance floor

Review posted by rodeoclown62: 2007-09-26

Whatever happen to the old Charlie's? This place has been full of drag queens and people I don't know where they came from! Staff is really not to friendly and the drinks are really bad! John King, needs to spend more time at the bar and clean it up and turn it around and not so much time in Mexico!

Review posted by azjack45: 2007-09-03

Not C/W enough. To many line dances, and teeny bopers who has no respect for the country way of life. To many drag shows. Where are the real men?

Review posted by copyright1977: 2007-07-21

Cool place to hang out...Getting a little to trendy, but that's life & enjoying those around you is best...: )

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