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Sidewinders (Gay Night Club)

Address: 8900 Central Ave SE , Albuquerque, NM , 87123 USA
Phone: (505)275-1616
Website: sidewindersbar.com
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Country Western (was known as the Ranch)in ABQ.

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- Change - posted by nmhome: 2013-02-07
By the way Sidewinders has not been owned by Dan and Mike for years now. Mike is now longer with us, God rest his soul, and I believe Dan is back in Palm Springs.

Review posted by nmhome: 2013-01-08

Sidewinders has been a twink bar now for over a year. They told the cowboys they are not wanted. Sticky dance floor, fithy restrooms, a whole lot of attitude. They should not be listed as a cowboy bar. Thank God we had many good years when it was the Ranch and when Mike first turned it into Sidewinders. They really should change the name.

Delete posted by nmhome: 2013-01-08
There is not a single day or night of the week that the owners allow 2 Stepping at their bar.

Review posted by luvcowboys: 2012-02-16

I have been to sidewinders many times and have realty enjoyed it Although I’m a push over for cowboys I realty like the diversity.

Review posted by boojou: 2008-09-05

Great Place to meet Cowboys, I met one there, had a great time with him, there. Nice social place..

Review posted by pkw: 2008-08-15

not enough country music a cover charge. stop me from goin on weekends.

Review posted by dtony1964: 2008-07-12

Sidewinders, formally known as The Ranch, has had its ups and downs over the last ten years. When I moved to NM in late 1997 it was usually packed on Friday and Saturday nights. Sunday afternoons had good crowds for bear blasts too. It was the place to go if you were into Bears, leathermen, cowboys or otherwise more rustic types. Unfortunately a change in ownership ushered in a time of decline. While that owner did a great job of chasing off drug dealers, he also chased off loyal customers and community groups. At times it looked as though the place was doomed to shut down. Three years ago, however, the Ranch was purchased and became Sidewinders. Dan and Mikey have worked hard revive the place and welcome everyone. Despite their efforts Albuquerque is not a "bar" community. Cruising on the internet has had a negative effect on bars across the country. Though the party crowd at Sidewinders will likely never be what it once was, it a friendly bar with nice looking men. Drop by and have a drink. Tony Carson

Delete posted by bearcwby: 2008-01-27
Bar has changed names and is now listed as Sidewinders

Review posted by nmjeff: 2007-12-27

Great dancefloor, awesome bartenders, and DJ....This is the place I luv ta go!

Review posted by ready2cowboyup: 2007-11-03

Sidewinders need to add more current country music along with some mexican/latino music to attract more cowboys. It is after all a country western bar...

Review posted by apachee22: 2007-09-07

Great bar in Albuquerque.

Review posted by nmleather: 2007-09-03

full of flakes and fakes

Review posted by pscowboy: 2007-08-21

Bar NEVER has a cover charge. As for drink prices, lower then average for most bars

Review posted by queeryoungdem: 2007-08-21

This place is a great bar... The crowd is laid back, the music is generally good, and the drinks are cheap. Its a safe fun place to spend a night among friends or to go alone and meet new people

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