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The Wrangler (Gay Night Club)

Address: 1700 Logan Street , Denver, CO , 80203 USA
Phone: 303-837-1075
Website: www.denverwrangler.com
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Review posted by thisnthat: 2009-11-16

Not a cowboy bar. LOUD dance music, lots of bears and have even had a lot of negative comments about cowboys being in the bar.

Review posted by wkdenver: 2008-08-29

I love this place

Review posted by hsracowboyX: 2008-08-21

Decent place, real friendly staff, very diverse crowd [college boys to older bears.]

Review posted by nobulcwby71: 2008-08-19

The Wrangler is not a bad place, has its good nights, but don't really go there much. Its more of a place to stand around and haven't seen many cowboys amongst the crowd. Good happy hour specials.

Review posted by jeffwillndenver: 2008-06-27

The only thing that makes this place great is the Sunday afternoon beer bust! I go there religiously; like it was my church.

Review posted by raybear62460: 2008-05-15

its non smoking now you can learn the two step dance.

Review posted by rockymyles9: 2008-04-24


Review posted by jock2coach: 2008-03-31

Best Fukn Bar in the West. Sunday afternoons are packed, and very friendly. No attitude, wide variety, all-MAN. Don't miss it, if you're in Denver.

Review posted by mycowboyworld: 2008-03-25

A nice place to meet new people!

Review posted by crowncokeguy: 2007-12-01

Really big drunk bears, not my scene

Review posted by shorthauler: 2007-10-24

Just another levi-type bar. Loud music and average at best crowd.

Review posted by evrh30: 2007-10-07

the wrangler,is a great place to meet people!Have always had a blast there!The people are real,fun,down to earth,and for the most part drama free..

Review posted by deerecountry: 2007-08-10

Great Bar, Good People, Laid back, Incredible drinks and a good time!

Number of users that attend: 441.

Users that visit but without a photo: 4topwoodbutcher, 69xxxxx, abdulmunaf, alan4785, alburcowboy, allanbear, allberede1, alonetoday, applebits, armyone, ashlee, azcby, bhangra6, bige420, binta7774, bitsis169, blkaviator, bluecowboy24, bodhico, boojou, bootbuddies, boysss, brillo, broomfieldboy, bsk61782, btbearsb, buckstertho5, butchbuddy, carlostuxtla, chcolo, chihuas78, chubcolorado, cntryboyruss, cobears, cocay2k, codyutahbear, coloradoboy24, coloradocwby, colostud79, conejo, cooutdoors, copecowboynd, cowboy213, cowboy80211, cowboyblue77, cowboyndenver, cowboyne, cowboypig, cowgirllover, cowrnglrsnboots, crocket, curtisbarrel23, cwby69, cwbydave, cwbyfriend, dahbare, dakotacowboy, dal67114, danno75co, dannyboy08, deerecountry, demo1, dencokurt, denguy, denguy101, denmark42, denvercubboy, denverguy71, denverman2009, derick, dewagenju, djreekmaxx, dom88, downhome, dteufel1976, edongrantst, edwillis, electriccowboy, electrobitspas, ezsugar, fatgay1973, favourhi, ffaboy, frank2004, funfromwyo, funguy81, gaydenver74, georgecary, gerrysex, gonommin, goodgayguy, gormambigg, greatjane12, guero, hairluver05, harleynut27, hazeleyes41, heartodixie, hicountryguy, hispanicus, honestlady, horses9, hotn06, hotrod08, hotrod4u, hotswissmen, hsracowboyX, hywrdguy, irishleatherman, jagermeifter02, jazz5678, jazzycj, jbear12, jeepdogdad, jeffco72, jim1234, jizzjunkie80203, jmdconmn, joanbaby, johnus100, jonny01, jrockn, judson, jujo, kapu31, kellycock, kennedy101, kevin170, kevin35, kevnm170, khaon, kriegernight, kyle92, lexluther, lilbear20, lilrock, lindalove, lovbare, lovedick81, lthrcowboy81, luckypup88, luvmeninrnglrs, luvtooride, madmax89, marcositox, mastr4u, megayacht, memo13, mexicanluvr, michabtm, mike2169, mikeyj37, monytru, morbius, morocastle, morris2274, motley421, moxley, mtncboy, myzchieviouz, naseem2002ak, naterz22, nativecowboy29, necboy65, ngongb, ninajustin, norcoguy, okie64, osomark, panama303, phxfarmboy82, pinochio, polishdad, prarierebel, promise4u, rahul691972, randyaz, rbso024, redlinewinter, regguyaz, rich36, richhase, rjindenver, rkyjockdn, rkymtn3, rkymtnhorseguy, rockiesjason, rockymntaries, romancem2m, roper32, roughandready, rreric, ruben1bat, russiancowboy, sarjo111, scott4598, selim981134, sexycowboy124, shawnlee, shycwby, shyguy72, singing4god, skisnbeer, slaveme, slipaway, sobesun, sonin, suave4u, subbttm4u2take, susuko, tammy, tattoodrew, tauriancowboy, tbear305, terry58802, tessb2, texas7777777, thecowboyinme, theinkedredneck, thom31a, tjw47, tlazocamatl, tonny77, travelngrl, twistedtimes, txhardon961, umraphael, urbancowboy77, utahgaycowboy, vaquero74, vasari85, vickbaby, wanaranchr, wannabestud, want2tryme, wawh80, wewillie45, wildone9167, wilks0731, woofman517, wranglerbutt, wranglerftc, wranglersnboots, wrnglrstud, wycowboy911, wyocowboy25, wyostretch, yailove333, yawash, yesgaytrvl, yomero, youinus, youngandfun5360, youngme


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