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Age: 50, Height: 6' 04" (193 cm), Weight: 230 lbs (104 kg), Body Type: athletic, Ethnicity: white / european

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Anyone Awake on these sites? Anyone watch Alex Jones? Read the Drudge Report, Jeff Rense, or belong Anyone Awake on these sites? Anyone watch or follow on You Tube... Alex Jones-Infowars, the Drudge Report (Matt Drudge), Judge Jeanine Pirro, Next News Network (Gary S. Franchi), MLordandGod, ? .___________________ Not a working Cowboy per se, but I understand the lifestyle and in a way live close to that lifestyle as a Naturalist, Woodsman, Outdoorsman, Hunter, Explorer. Things like Animal Husbandry, Horses, live stock, and family farms and ranches I have a keen interest in.______________________ have Old School values and traditional morals and I like living in rural or wilderness fastnesses.______________ Looking for real friends and one Partner- Soul-Mate connection ( I know that's like looking for a needle in a Gaystack LOL). While not chiseled in stone I tend to like taller, fit, hairy men. Exceptions Do happen!! The Heart has reasons that reasoning will never know. To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world..._________________ Born and raised in the north woods of Wisconsin. This upbringing allowed me to imprint early into the world of Nature. I was happiest being far from cities and people and in many ways still am that way. I find the peace and solace my Soul needs when I am in Natures realms.__________________ Personally I'm not into going through streams of faceless, intimate encounters. Let's face it they're not very fulfilling, they get you through some rough spots and that's about it.. Not much into the gay scene here either. _________________________ For those who wanna know stats: I'm 6'4", 230 lbs, 6.5% body fat, 34 in. waist, 50 in. chest, 19 in. arms. I like to stay healthy and fit. I eat clean and workout with weights regularly. I live in the DFW TX now. Please don't let my location be a factor for not contacting me. I could move anywhere for the right man!! I am NOT geographically challenged!! Thanks for reading all this! I tend to make changes to my text fairly frequently cus I'm never really satisfied with what I say. I often wonder why other men write "NOTHING" on their profiles? Is it laziness? Ineptitude? Fear of revealing anything about who You are? Still in hiding? How can you expect to establish anything Real without putting yourself Forward?!!___________I am also a Christian here and would like to meet other men who follow Jesus as their Lord and Savior!

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Christian Man...looking for a committed partner, soul-mate, special friend, bromance or whatever you want to call it. Not into hookups here. Born and raised in dairy farming country of Wisconsin. That is my humble roots. Love al things Nature. Adventuresome Woodsman, hunter, explorer. I like to workout with weights to stay muscular, fit and strong. 6'4" 230, 50" chest, 34" waist, 19.5" arms, 6.5% body fat, no man-scaping (hairy where Men should be hairy)! I'm Masculine with an Alpha personality. I don't smoke or vape and not into heavy drinking or recreational drugs. I eat clean and Organic for the most part. Living in TX now but could relocate for the right man.

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