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Age: 54, Orientation: gay, Height: 5' 10" (178 cm), Weight: 150 lbs (68 kg), Body Type: fit, Ethnicity: white / european

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 USA  >>  Pennsylvania

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Eugene Stoner developed the AR-15 as a lightweight 5.56x45mm version of the 7.62x51mm AR-10 while working at Armalite during the 1950s. The lighter bullet enabled infantrymen to carry more rounds. And that’s always a good thing! Let's hit the range.

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One man's fight against The United One Party States of Commi Mental Institutions? Well you know, one man's hell is another man's bathhouse. This is not a political rant. This is me telling you something about myself. All things in life are political. So regardless of how we choose to portrait ourselves on our profile page, if by hair color and cut, or by writing an essay, we're all making a sort of "sectarian" statement. I gotta ask though, how can anyone not be interested in politics? What the hell kind of world did ya grow up in? This is America... freedom and bravery never grew from indifference, and that fact goes right to the marrow! My hypothesis: apathy is the ultimate telltale sign, there being neither freedom nor bravery. Maggie Thatcher said it beautifully, "When people are free to choose, they choose freedom". Ipso facto, the absence of choosing freedom is the absence --of-- freedom. Common sense folk seem scared, these days, to take any kind of stand for what they believe in and against the religio-political dogmas of the day. Keep your head low and don't upset anyone - that seems to be the new plaque they intend to slap onto Lady Liberty, if they even let her stand. Sorry, there's no inalienable right not to be offended, it's nonsense. That doesn't mean we're all forced to behave rudely, but it does mean ya got to put up with all the irritating meanies, up to the point that they start throwing sticks. Literally, not figuratively. So, are ya learning anything about me, yet? Think receiving a picture is a right and not a privilege? Think I'm decimating my chances by outing myself as a Conservative? Think I care? I need a hell of a lot more than a pretty picture, the reliability of which is clearly questionable most of the time, or your eye color to find out, if it's worth exploring any compatibility. So there ya have it, this is me, a freedom loving ex-lefty who will gladly talk about politics with whomever, but who will never share his life with anybody who's dispassionate about politics or a "liberal". --------- Bravery / 'brāv(e)rē / Noun, courageous behavior or character... valor, nerve, daring, fearlessness, backbone, grit, spirit, guts, spunk, ...balls! That's right.

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Hobbies & Interests cycling, reading, running, sports, travel
Facial Hair five oclock shadow
Ethnicity white / european
Smoking smoker (occasional)

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