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Age: 54, Height: 6' 00" (183 cm), Weight: 240 lbs (109 kg), Body Type: a few extra pounds, Ethnicity: white / european

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 USA  >>  New York  >>  Rochester  >>  Park Ave


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Currently living in Rochester, NY. I moved to TX 14 years ago and temporarily moved back to NY to reconnect with my roots. I was raised in the beautiful countryside of Rochester, NY. Yes, there is country in NY, I am probably more country than some Texans I have met. It was an interesting childhood. My parents chose to live a simple life with a focus on old values. I grew up in an old drafty farmhouse chopping wood for heat, riding horses and my mother would make homemade jams and jellies from fruit trees on the property. My parents instilled old fashioned ideals and morals in my sister and I growing up. I believe in treating people with respect and dignity, until proven otherwise by their actions. I am really a simple guy once you get to know me. I have a sarcastic/witty sense of humor and will speak my mind. I will say what people are thinking but that no one has the guts to say out loud. I tend to be very direct but I really don't mean any offense by my opinions. I can be a bit crass an sometimes lack some tact but I usually have good intentions with what I have to say. I don't sugar coat anything but some situations require a direct approach to get the message across properly. I will tell it like it is. It's just my observations, right or wrong I will be moving back to TX, November, 2013. This much has been decided and it is definite! I have already started a savings account for the trip back. I am planning it so that I will never have to leave my beloved Texas and the gay community I have come to love. My goal is to save up enough money over the next 2 yrs and be able to put a sizable down payment on a home and keep my expenses so low that I could work part time at $10/hr and be able to meet my living expenses. After 14 yrs being gone, I am Texan at heart with my values and outlook in life. There is a little bit of TX sunshine in NY and I am determined to remain true to who I am, a cowboy! So what is a cowboy; If momma and poppa raised him right his clothes are always clean and ironed, his hair is clean and parted, unless of course he has been working and you can rest assured he has worked hard, he knows nothing worthwhile ever comes easily and will work for what he has but he will clean up nicely before supper is served. This is where the pride comes in, everything he has, he has worked hard to obtain. He will have good manners and believe in doing the right thing by himself and others. He will be considerate of others and make sure you are having a good time and feeling comfortable. For underneath that rough exterior and ego, lies a heart that is kind, warm, caring and sensitive, who will give you the shirt off his back should you need it, he is passionate and considerate, a man with honor and integrity. He has learned to appreciate the little things in life and cherish the people around him he depends on. He will never forget an act of kindness and will find a way to repay you even if it's simply by offering his loyalty and devotion. He will come to your aid should you need it without question or wanting anything in return, he knows someone has done the same for him at one point. DONT ever, ever mistake the kindness for weakness, it his greatest strength and his means of survival in the harsh climate of TX. I was involved with The United Court of Austin (a non-profit organization) and participated in a weekly bake sale held at CharliesATX. I have helped to raise OVER 100k with the simple magic of cake baked by myself along with numerous volunteers. AMAZING what cake can do! There's ALWAYS room for dessert! Thank y'all for all your support all these years! Life in Texas is taken a little slower and people embrace each others individuality. What a wonderful gift Austin offers to be able to just relax, be yourself and have your individuality and others around you celebrated to it's fullest. I had the privilege of discovering and learning something different. TX offers a better way of looking at the world and the people around you. Austin gave me the permission to just relax and be myself with nothing to prove to anyone. I no longer feel that I have to live up to someone else's standards or ideal, those are your standards, not mine. I am the only one who defines who I am! C'mon over, relax, pull up a chair and sit a spell, I'd like to know you better! Sexually, I prefer younger bear chasers, preferably ages 25-50, cubs, athletic or muscle bears. NOT into overly overweight bears, sorry if that offends but doesn't mean we can't be friends. I joined gym to lose the weight and get healthier.

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