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A man who is currently single and looking for friends or dating or a long term relationship with a man

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Age: 47, Orientation: gay, Height: 6' 00" (183 cm), Weight: 220 lbs (100 kg), Body Type: average, Ethnicity: white / european

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 USA  >>  Texas  >>  Houston


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I am looking for a caring, sincere and honest guy, like I am . I am not into the gay scene, did that many years ago and never liked it. What I do like is peace and quiet, nature, being caring to others and be loved. I am a Christian and do practice my beliefs. People are all unique. But respect each other, that is the most important aspect alongside TRUST! And please don't waste my time. If I send you a message either tell me you are or are not interested. I have no time for games. Be honest and upfront. I love travel, nature, animals, cars, rugby, American football, horses, spending time with that special "one", who, like me, is not perfect but surely sincere. I am highly degreed and own my own business, but its not what my whole personality is. There is also the relaxed, loving side where I will make you dinner, drink wine (or your drink of choice), spoil you rotten with attention and affection and also just see the approval in your eyes and more importantly, LOVE. It might come as a surprise but I am a conservative by heart. Old values, traditions are important to me. I believe in family and also I love America. So some of you might not like it but there it is. If you want to chat and become friends, then its wonderful! If we see more develop than friends, then we must spend time to make it work. I am 47 and have no time anymore for BS and opportunists. Be yourself, be sincere, be honest with me and yourself, be willing to walk a long road with me full of bumps, but it will surely be a road you will never forget. I am in Johannesburg, South Africa at the moment but stranded due to the Covid lockdown. I should be in Houston by end June.

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Decent guy here seeking friends and possibly more in the Houston area (but if you are willing to relocate even better). I am relocating to Houston within the next 4 months (Corona is destroying everything, including plans to live a normal life). I want to be able to trust you, put your needs above my own, feel loved and accepted as I am. I am not judgmental and do not care about the size of your wallet or anything for that matter, as long as you are sincere, honest, decent and do not lie. I cannot stand liars and users. I don't do drugs or smoke but have the occasional drink or a drinks with friends and family and (hopefully) one day with the man of my dreams. The two most important things for me to make a relationship work is trust and monogamy. If we cannot trust each other there is no solid foundation to build a relationship on. And if you are going to fool around whilst with me, pack your bags and go. Nothing destroys family and trust more than infidelity. If you cannot stay true to the person you are with you are not relationship oriented. Believe me, I have no illusions about life. It is hard, difficult and challenging. But taking it on with a man you love make it all worth while. It takes time to build a relationship and maintain it, but it is all the more worthwhile with that special "one", the "soulmate". Ultimately I know that is what we all seek. And please don't waste my time. If I send you a message either tell me you are or are not interested. I have no time for games. Be honest and upfront. And sending me a pic of your penis will also not work. I am not on this site looking for dick. Rather show me your face and start chatting. And, if you are going to have a go at me because I am conservative and believe in family values and the USA's preservation then just block me or move on. I will not judge you so at least have the decency to do the same. The world is upside down, do not make it more complicated for both of us. Also, as a final word, what you see is what you get. It is ME in the photos. I have been scammed before and cannot tolerate lies. deceit, scammers or gold diggers. We all have our faults but do not visit your lies and evil plans on me. I will figure it out. With the last scam after $60 000 believe me I will know if you are not who or what you claim to be. But if you are serious, on the level, real and sincere, lets get this going!!! Friendship and maybe more but if all else fails, friendship can also be a wonderful thing!

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