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A man who is currently single and looking for friends or dating or a long term relationship with a man

My Vitals:

Age: 43, Orientation: gay, Height: 5' 10" (178 cm), Weight: 230 lbs (104 kg), Body Type: a few extra pounds, Ethnicity: white / european

Where I Live:

 USA  >>  Idaho  >>  Canyon County


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Eccentric but loving. I am not a cowboy, farmer, or horseman and never have been. I'm not exactly attractive, either, compared to the rest of you. But there's a spirit to the cowboy that I absolutely lack. One that I find hotter than anything.

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General Description

Fully vaccinated. I've realized that I'm much more of a sub and that I am not a total slave. Of course, boots, bondage, and a leather collar & leash might make me forget some of my independence . . . I'm looking for the right mix of safe and dangerous, free and (almost) equal partner during the day, submissive and almost but not quite total slave other times. What I find hottest is bondage-based between two boot-clad men. The rest of it, I can learn and we can work out between us. If you wish me to, I'll cook and clean for you at a limited and basic level, do its grocery shopping and run errands - when I am not submitting to enforced bootlicking and/or sex, or kept in temporary bondage at the Sir's pleasure. I am on the autism spectrum, which is why I am so smart at intellectual things but clueless with people. Please feel free to ask me about autism. You can't catch it. It won't harm you, but it does make me highly eccentric. There are some things about it that I need to go over and make sure my Dom understands before he collars me. My hard limits are no pain, and no biological waste. That means I'm not your toilet and that is final. I accept rough sex, such as being slapped while chained/handcuffed, but only with your hand, and only when we've both agreed to it. My favorite thing to do is go to fast food restaurants with my laptop and keep getting free refills on diet soda. It's not the food that matters that much. The drink's the thing. I can't have liquor due to diabetes and religion, so this is what I consider the greatest pleasure in the world. I am also a novelist, a tarot reader, and a devoted Wiccan. This faith and its eight sabbats are important to me. The keeping of these sabbats is part of my ground rules for a relationship. That doesn't mean I'm not all yours again when the rituals are done . . . The short hair is temporary and was at someone else's request. I am looking for the right man with which to merge in a devoted union, even if that means I have to carry my personal fetishes of boots and bondage over into light BSDM to make Him happy. I am capable of learning what is expected of me and complying about 75 %. Gender-wise, I'm more like a neutral state between the two. My body doesn't produce much cum; diabetic damage mixed with blood pressure meds, I think. That means that He is definitely the man of the house. I'm not a slut, and I never cheat on my lover. I'd just like to find one. No history of drug use, either. Caffeine is my drug of choice. HIV & STD tested: Negative as of 5/19/2016. No history of actual sexual activity except very brief attempts at sucking which didn't go well for my own reasons. Please move on if you already have a partner, a husband, or anything of the type. I'm strictly monogamous. Anything else you want to know, feel free to ask.

My Details

Socio-Group academic, artistic, leather
Hobbies & Interests beach, cats, chess, live theater, movies, reading, science fiction, tennis
Facial Hair beard
Hair Type long
Hair Color salt-pepper
Eye Color blue
Ethnicity white / european
Sexual Mindset bottom
Personality intelligent, pessimist, realist, romantic
Spiritual earth based-pagan
Politics far left
Smoking non smoker
Alcohol non drinker
Drugs non user

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