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A man who is currently single and looking for friends or dating or a long term relationship or intimate encounters with a man

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Age: 58, Orientation: gay, Height: 5' 08" (173 cm), Weight: 215 lbs (98 kg), Body Type: thick, Ethnicity: white / european

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 USA  >>  Texas


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Looking for quality not quantity. Have been riding horses and handling cattle my entire life. I grew up in a small town with all its values and small town pace. I find that persons like myself are generally different in their respect of others and to themselves. We grew up with a different code of honor so to speak. I am of Native American descent, easy going and down to earth. Although have thrown caution to the wind and gone skinny dipping in the tank. I know this is going to sound rude, but please don't waste my time or yours, if you can't walk the walk or talk the talk and by that I mean a picture of you and not someone else, some honesty PLEASE. Things can be misuderstood on here so if it come aross offensive or strange please ask for clarification. I am not a jerk nor do I like to be jerked around. Like everyone one else I hope to meet the possible one. It takes to halves to make a whole, at 58 I would rather be a half of something rather than three-quarters of nothing. I appreciate men who dedicate themselves to working out. I was like that once, no time for friends and didn't pay enough attention to a partner at the time. Priorities have changed at this point in my life I have a dad bod, so if you are looking for a sixpack it's down the street at the 7-11. I like sex, not that I get much of it because tricking it's lacking. I enjoy every part of a man's body, front and back. Frankly I don't understand how some guys don't or won't do certain things. I like the sounds of my lover enjoying my efforts. Honesty and manners are important to me as well as communication. I won't apologize for liking what I like, yes I have some kinks. It is not necessary to be rude, good people come in different shapes and forms. I tend to stay out of politics because I don't respect either party. That being said, I am a conservative. I am adding religion to the list of no discuss until a future date way off. Oh yeah, 1 last thing. I am allergic to latex so it's bareback for me. I am negative and on Prep for prevention.

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I am loyal, dependable and a good person. I don't like deceit, shallowness, condescending attitudes, at the end of the day we are ALL equal. I absolutely hate fighting and will not. If you are angry don't take it to the bedroom. You wanna be pissed at me, ok but leave it at the door and pick it up in the morning. Cock size isn't that important, at least to me, besides can't deep throat if it is large. I guess most things are up for debate in a relationship. I have never been in an open relationship and not sure that's for me. I have also never had a 3-way with a lover, not sure of that either. Is there an ideal person or is it a fantasy that never materializes. Do we keep hunting a fantasy and miss Mr. Right? Am I going to be disappointed? I don't view life the same at my age and try to look deeper at the person not the wrapping, I am not going to say no to pretty wrapping

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